Helpful articles on the emerging genre of "transformational media"

A quartet of intriguing new series suggest that human beings are more - and sometimes less - than what we imagine ourselves to be.

This scholarly investigation into film as a medium of sacred truths shows its power to transcend boundaries and connect us to something bigger. By Mark Allan Kaplan, PhD.

An environmental apocalypse may be tipping toward reality, but the Wild & Scenic Film Festival reminds us that communities worldwide are meeting the challenges with spirit, resolve, creativity, and even love.

Hollywood still rules, but movies designed to change the way you think are no longer in the cinematic ghetto.

At the Esalen Inspirational Film Festival, the healing power of natural beauty provided the backdrop for movies that celebrated the resiliency of the human spirit.

Spiritual cinema. Inspirational films. Cinema for the soul. Call it what you will, the landscape of film is being joined by mission-driven artists who hope to broaden your perspective and transform your world.